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30 years Wings & Waves – Thank you!

Reuben and Eva started the company as a small partnership when we were 23 and 26 years old, off the back of a couple of America's Cup campaigns and cool jobs in Europe. It was initially a trial for 1 season in 1992 - and here we are. It is only due to the wonderful team we have, that we got this far and managed to build up what's most likely NZ's biggest, longest operating, most qualified, most professional, most diverse, successful and fun paragliding school to work for. I (Eva) feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing and talented people to work with, both in Wings & Waves but also around the world with the GIN team, the instructors, schools, designers and pilots we work with.

We thank all our wonderful students, friends, family and all pilots for making our job fun and rewarding. There are a lot of hurdles to take for such endeavour as ours, definitely some stress involved and a loooooot of hours. Smiling faces, successful pilots, new and old friends and seeing the sport we love evolving in a positive way, make is all worth it.

Thank you Ryan for the lovely photo of us in our 1990s flying gear.


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