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PG WOF night 2017

In good Auckland club tradition - it's only been about 25 years now - we will run a WOF night for all Auckland Club members. This is your chance to learn about gliders, get your annual WOF, catch up with other pilots.

17 October 2017

from 4pm - about 7pm

Belmont Intermediate School hall

Reuben will give the usual lesson for new pilots / glider owners of how to check and look after your glider.

We will also give a talk on line trim / measuring, as this has been a topic of interest for many pilots. Wings & Waves has a laser measurement set up which we will bring along and demonstrate.

This may also be a good time to re-pack your reserve. On the WOF day, we can't do repacks unfortunately, because we are too busy. But you can drop the reserve off on the day and we will do them asap afterwards. Or you can drop it off to us / courier it prior to the WOF day.

Reuben is the only PG manufacture service person in NZ with 25 years in being the club safety officer, 30+ years as a qualified sailmaker who can answer most questions about repair and service. Those who had their ripped glider fixed by him before, know that he is magic!

There will be sausages and a few bits, BYO drinks.

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