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2021 Wings & Waves WOF

Up-date on WOFs: We still can't rent the school premises we usually use for WOFs. In the meantime, we have completed so many of the club members' WOFs that we check whether a club WOF even is needed this year.

To clarify: While Reuben, Lukas and Eva are the best qualified WOF inspectors in the Auckland club and happy to ANYONE's WOF, we are no longer in the club committee. We explained that in a different article on this site.

Please contact us to do your WOF - don't go flying before your annual check. The WOFs validity is technically extended, but common sense and best practice means you should do it now anyway. In anticipation / desperate hope of the lockdown in Auckland not going on forever, we are planning to run a Wings & Waves Ltd. WOF night at the Belmont Intermediate school Hall. Of course, it depends entirely on our lockdown status at the time, and could be changed. Please click 'going' on our Facebook event, so that we get an idea of numbers. We are looking forward to catching up with everyone after winter and lockdown! We have up-graded from the outdated porosity meter to the latest Swiss JDC model to better cater for modern equipment.


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