Random PG thoughts - confidence!

Not flying much due to work, health / surgery, kids and dramas, I ended up with some confident issues flying. At a recent competition in Chelan in the US, I enjoyed only about half the flying we did to be honest.


That reminded me that even after some 30 years flying, currency is still an issue for some. Pilots with less experience must experience this more. Others don't seem to have this issue at all: I endlessly admire how pilots like Reuben and Middy - after an entire year of hardly flying at all or only flying tandems on the coast - can jump on a EN D or comp class glider and fly very competitively and fast. It doesn't work like this for me, nor for a bunch of other pilots. 


One of the ways for me to get over confidence issues, is to firstly try to get out and spend time in the air, but also by stepping back in glider class, to an easy glider. At times over the years, I have competed on un-certified top end gliders, at times EN Cs and EN Ds without any issues, mostly at times when I felt current. While I realise that the glider isn't the problem alone, flying a glider that is easy for me to handle in tough situations, takes one major worry out of my mind. The worry that with a major collapse in major turbulence, I would end up out of control and in a potentially dangerous situation. The lower rating the glider, the easier it less likely a major incident and the easier it is to recover. 


Flying a high end EN B like the Carrera is perfect for me: With my level of experience, it is a very easy class, but with a high aspect ratio and nimble handling, and good speed, it does not feel dumbed down enough to restrict my flying. I fly the original Carrera version in size S now. 


After a bunch of pretty bad flying in competitions, lots of worries about conditions and cascades I saw other pilots perform around me, reserve deployments near by etc, I launched into the last task of the Canungra Cup quite determined to make the most out of my last day XC flying for a while. I knew that once I got home, I need to concentrate on kids, teaching and business again and XC flying will be rare for a while.