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We hate to admit it, but it seems to be winter.

Eva is heading off to Europe before lon, to run courses in France, upskill a bit with local operators, buy new flying gear AND go to Paris for the Olympics.

We are constantly putting some stock items on SPECIAL to clear some stock that is otherwise sitting around over winter. These are genuine great specials and deals, many of the latest model best gliders, plus a few used or old stock items. We have brand-new, latest greatest Evora and Bolero gliders, the outstanding Bonanaza 3 XS for instance, and lots of other items. Please keep checking, it changes all the time.

With more instructors now helping Eva in France (because we had so much fun joining forces with NZ's top instructors) we can now offer extra spaces on the course. It is likely that Lukas is going to be there! Join us either for the ladies course from 28 June 2024 or the mountain flying course 8-16 July near the flying paradise of Annecy.

Please let us know asap!


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