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2024 Olympics here we come!

We now have 2 Olympic athletes in the family: Eliza has been competing on olympic level since Rio in 2016, now Lukas is officially an Olympic athlete 2024 as well. What a power couple. He is representing New Zealand and Oceania in France in August 2024. We couldn't be more excited and prouder!

It's a team effort, it takes a village to bring up a young man. It take so much hard work and effort to get to this stage and it can't be done alone. We thank everyone who has supported Lukas so far, we really appreciate all of you. Please continue to support him as you can!

Eva and Mia will be in France to support both Lukas and Eliza. We can still possibly get some 'family and friends' tickets, so let us know if you want to be there with us.


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