WW's Lukas 2nd at Nationals!

February 8, 2017

On Waitangi weekend, the NZ Nationals Hydrofoil racing were held off Takapuna Beach. 


Congratulations to Wings & Waves instructor Lukas Keim: After only 2 months on his new foil board, Lukas came 2nd in the Nationals. Here is his comment:

"2nd in the hydrofoil nationals! Happy with the result since my first comp was a week ago. Thanks to #ozonekites for the insanely fast R1v2 race kites and for #axiskiteboarding for supplying sam and I with some impressive foil setups. Congrats to Sam Bullock for dominating, Richard for taking third and Gina for kicking some ass and winning the women's and coming 4th overall."