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Courses and Trips 2017/2018

Every year, we offer a variety of exciting trips and courses in addition to our beginner and intermediate paragliding and kitesurfing courses.

One Days, PG1, PG2 courses and trial flights are basically available every day of the year, with few exceptions.

For those, who want more, we offer trips to the South Island, to Australia, thermalling and XC clinics and the likes. All of these usually book out quickly, so we thought we give you a chance to put your name down early this year, to avoid missing out. That way, we can also gauge the interest and cater perfectly for what you want!

At this stage, we will offer our famous Bright trip - a week of course and flying and a fabulous holiday in beautiful Bright, Victoria, a 1 week thermalling course in Wanaka, several thermalling and XC clinics on the North Island (Paeroas, Kaimais, Kamo) and most likely a trip to Europe in winter 2018.

We set the dates for the courses as soon as we know the dates for the NZ Nationals and a couple of other events, which should be around August, I hope.

Thermalling / XC North Island: I am planning 2-3 trips spread over the season.

The Bright Trip will be in February or early March 2018.

Wanaka thermalling / XC will be in January 2018.

Europe flying trip will be July 2018.

Please give me an indication which one you are interested in! Email Eva.

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