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Please help Wings & Waves improve!

Survey link:

During winter, we get to do all these things which we are too busy or too tired to do during the summer season when we are out teaching most days and back home late. Right now, we are lying low, teaching only when the weather suits occasionally and spend the rest of the time improving our shop, storage, processes, paperwork. Watch Facebook and call us to join us flying or kiting when it is good!

We are also planning ahead for the new season, which we officially start on the first weekend of September. There will be the annual Wings & Waves WINTER PARTY in August, a BBQ on the beach in September, and new dates for courses and trips soon.

To help us improve our service to you and everyone else, we have put up a survey to find out what YOU guys would like, what ideas you would have for us for improvements or additions to what we offer.

Could you spend 6 (!) minutes - that's the time survey monkey estimates it will take you - to fill out our small 10 question survey? We would appreciate it. We will also raffle a tandem flight voucher among all those who fill it out and leave their name.

Here is the link:

Thank you!

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