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NZ Nats: 2 new WW titles

Louis Tapper won the open, Lukas the sports class, Eva the women's title

Lukas won the Sports class on his GIN Bonanza 2 at the Nationals. Eva won the women's title for the 10th time.

After winning the EN B class last year, Lukas won the EN C class this year and came 6th equal in the open against many competition and serial gliders. Eva won her 10th women's NZ Champion title. Lukas: “Thank you to Gin Gliders Inc. for the fast glider and Wings and Waves for the lifetime of support The Bonanza 2 is amazing! The glider is an example of what the Gin brand is about in my eyes, a glider that is an impressive balance of easy to use safety and performance. It is an instant legend. I felt very comfortable pushing full speed on the very first day, flying through turbulence, and climbing in weak and strong thermals. The glider seems to maintain its stability and glide ratio while on speed bar extremely well, giving me confidence to stay in the lead packs. It was a great feeling to outfly and maintain positions against serial and competition gliders #flygin #gingliders

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