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Congrats to Lukas: NZ Champion Foiling!

National Champ 2021!

did not make it easy for myself, but managed to finish the competition with 12 straight wins and secure the title for the second year in a row. I was incredibly disappointed to let myself and my team down early in the competition, but managed to work my way back into first and learnt a lot on the way. Congratulations to Lochy Naismith for coming second, he was on fire, and for Hugo Wigglesworth for taking third at just 14 years old, you're a beast.

Thank you to Yachting New Zealand for the support before and during the event. Thanks to Ozone New Zealand, although I didn't even ride the new R1v4s, the V3s performed well enough to dominate most of the event, and I look forward to show casing the extra speed on the new kites. Thanks to AXIS Foils for the all your help over the years, I look forward to making the next board together. Thanks to Wings & Waves Paragliding and Kitesurfing for supporting me (since I was 10 years old) in doing what I love to do. Big thank you to the individuals who help me more than they know, with equipment, expertise and support, I really appreciate it.

Thanks to Nelson Yacht Club for running the event for us, it was an awesome regatta. Thanks you to the sponsors of the event as well - Deep Creek Brewing Co, Ozone New Zealand, @flysurfer nz, Wings & Waves Paragliding and Kitesurfing

Finally, thanks for all the photos and videos George Guille Media, Legend!


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