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COVID update – what we can offer in level 3

Here is a run down on what Wings & Waves can offer under the current level 3 restrictions – to be updated 18 November:


As all other retail, we are now open again. Please call to come in as we may be out teaching or flying. We are constantly getting more stock and can offer, show, sell, and send out heaps of amazing kiting, foiling and paragliding equipment. Check out our shop and support your school so we can carry on and teach when allowed again!

Service / Repairs

Reuben is busy doing repairs and service as per usual. In fact, he has more time for it while we are not teaching much. Contact him to discuss what you need done. 0274727013.

Kitesurfing lessons

Due to the 2m social distancing rules, we cannot offer any beginner kiting lessons. We can can however offer coaching for advanced kiters or foilers using bluetooth headsets / helmets.

As soon as we get into the traffic light system - even under "RED" which we expect to start on 1 December - we will get straight into teaching again. We are all double vaccinated. You need to be vaccinated as well and show your covid passport. Please sign up today so we can contact you once we have a date when we can open again. Or drop us an email with your name, phone number, body weight and which lesson you would like to do.

Paragliding lessons

Same as above goes for beginner paragliding lessons. We can do some lessons at present, no trial flights though.

We are however running PG2 lessons for those who don't need hands on help, but can launch o.k. already. We are flying at a variety of sites which will get you to your PG2 rating without delay.

As soon as we get into the traffic light system - even under "RED" which we expect to start on 1 December- we will offer all usual courses and flights to all of you who can show that they are vaccinated. Please bring masks.

Read more details:

Training under Covid – Level 3.2

up-dated 10 November 2021

The main guidelines to follow are published on the Covid19 government website. Please refer to update there:

General for all Wings & Waves lessons

- all participants and instructors in Wings & Waves Ltd courses need to be fully vaccinated.

- All Wings & Waves instructors are fully vaccinated

- please observe social distancing 1-2m

- masks are recommended

- no sharing rides in our vehicles

Kiting training

- currently no stage 1 and stage 2 due to distancing rules

- advanced coaching without physical contact is fine

- stage 1 and 2 lessons are available as soon as close contact is allowed, e.g. hairdressers. Level 3.3 at this stage

Paragliding training

- currently no tandems

- no hands on teaching

- these will commence as soon as new rules allow close contact, e.g. hairdresser rules or separate rules for outdoor activities

PG2 training

- PG2 hands off training and coaching is fine, with rules as above

PG1 training

- masks needed

- social distancing

- students have to have their own gear for that

- no giving rides in the car

- own transport down the beach or high side

- own helmet!

- own harness – to be arranged.


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