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new features: Wings & Waves online log book

Years ago, Joe and I developed the Wings & Waves online log book for a lack of a useful existing tool. Well really, Joe developed it and I was just the annoying person who kept coming up with 'great ideas' and no programming skills.

The amazing result of a an online logbook helps our students hugely to keep track of their achievements and their progression towards PG2. It offers a bunch of statistics on your flying, both the student and the instructor track the PG2 requirements you fulfil, the hours and number of flights you do, as well as monitoring your self assessment of the quality of your preflight, launch, flight and landing. All of us are well informed where you are at in your course.

That smart Joe Ward has now added some new features to our already amazing online log book:

I can now put the date of your PG2 certification into the system which then results in a display of how many hours you have done since gaining PG2.

This has become an questions a few times recently when our new PG2 students considered flying at Auckland sites which have site ratings above PG2, such as Muriwai with PG2 + 20 hours.

We encourage you all to continue using the log book after you finish PG2 with us, so that you can track your progression. It will become useful again when you want to do PG3 and a tandem rating for instance.

Thank you to Joe!!!


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